ROOT3 can solve your energy riddle


How Root3 Works:

Based upon a patented Stanford University algorithm, Root3’s Predictive Analytics Engine delivers powerful technologies for the optimum performance of your site.

Root3 evaluates variables such as thermal and electric loads, energy prices, equipment efficiencies, and energy storage capacity. Utilizing Root3 services of DIAGNOSE, BALANCE, and PLAN engineers understand site performance faster and at a deeper level than previously possible, and can better manage reliability and budget goals.

For Business Managers
For Business Managers

Triaging issues and opportunities

ROOT3 will preempt problems and provide forward-looking dispatch instructions for your site. We will reduce OPEX by providing your engineers the guidance they need to run the site efficiently and increase equipment life and reduce CAPEX. We leverage every dollar you’ve invested in meters and sensors to provide real-time and predictive analytics to you and your site engineers ensuring that your site runs safely, reliably, consistently, and efficiently, shift after shift, every day of the year.

For site Engineers
For Engineers

A Virtual Engineering Assistant

Root3 services are your Virtual Engineering Assistant. They crunch numbers continuously and forecast heating, cooling, and electric loads for the next few days. Our products also show you the assets that can be used to meet those loads, as well as monitor equipment run-times and equipment efficiencies and reminds you to schedule maintenance. Your Virtual Engineering Assistant keeps track of all the details so that your time is freed up for higher value tasks.

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Turn Big Data Into Budget Dollars

At the University of Chicago the big data that used to be fairly inaccessible to the utilities team now arrives in a form that operating engineers can access and act on every hour of every day.